The AAMBC Inc., presently known as the African Americans on the Move Book Club Awards, an organization known for exposing and building writers and creative individuals alike, will be hosting a free interactive conference for creatives. AAMBC is featuring their first CreativeCon conference at the Auburn Avenue Research Library. The conference will host over six hundred readers, writers, entertainers, and influencers. Many of the attendees are writers, filmmakers, and publishers, as well as avid readers.

During the CreativeCon there are several workshops, mentoring sessions, pitch sessions and screenings, The conference has partnered with black filmmakers that are partnered through BET Digital. Writers can expect a full-service branding package to promote their brands to be noticed by film industry leaders.

“The reason CreativeCon was created is to offer up knowledge and encouragement for creatives to pursue their goals at no cost,” says AAMBC Award founder, Tamika Newhouse.

CreativeCon will host a panel featuring filmmakers, casting directors, and Hollywood execs that will allow attendees to pitch their projects during the Pitch Fest. In addition, writers will also receive the chance to register for the headshot party. The headshot party serves as a tool that will supply creatives with professional images and a chance to record a digital commercial to boost their social media presence. Prior to the Black Writers Weekend, interested film writers are given the opportunity to submit a twenty-minute short film for a chance to be seen by hundreds of black literary creatives during the Black Writers Weekend.

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For media inquiries, contact:[email protected]

ABOUT CreativeCon.

CreativeCon is a free conference that brings emerging literary creatives with educators and skilled professionals in publishing and film who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field.



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