AAMBC 2012 Urban Book of the Year "Eviction Notice" By Kwan

One bullet changed everything.

Three years after narrowly escaping a one-way trip to the gas chamber, the fugitive known only as Animal finds himself drawn back to the scene of the crime, Harlem, New York. Throughout his entire time in exile the only thing that kept Animal going was the thought that he would one day be reunited with his soul mate, Gucci, but one bullet changed everything.

When his enemies tried to murder Gucci they crossed the line, so he vowed to cross them all. While Gucci teeters between life and death Animal sets out on a bloody mission fueled by love and orchestrated by bullets…there would be no more innocents. Alliances are formed and secrets uncovered while Animal wages his personal war on the streets of Harlem with the end result revealing one great truth…he is only a small piece in a much greater puzzle.

Urban Book of the year what does that mean for you? —- That was HUGE for me. I worked really hard on Eviction Notice and the fact that it won let me know that other people recognized and appreciated what went into it.

 Over a decade in, what history will you make in your next ten years? — Ten years from now I hope to be recognized as not only an accomplished author but an accomplished film maker too. Film has become one of my new passions. I’m learning that game from the ground up. I just wrote and co-directed my first short film “Love & Gunplay.” I have some full length films in the works too. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something BIG!

Your proudest moment in your writing career is? — My proudest moment? I actually have two. The first was when I got my first copy of Gangsta and signed it to my mother, who is no longer with us. The second was when I became a daddy for the first time. I brought my daughter home from the hospital and showed her Gangsta. Then I told her “I will never feed you with dirty money. Your daddy is gonna do some good in the world one day.”

You have a Fall release, tell us about your newest book and what we can expect? —Animal is my fall release and first novel under Cash Money Content and the staple in the #teamAnimal movement. I have never seen readers rally around anything like they’ve rallied around Animal. We have members in every state and they’re all screaming the same thing #TEAMANIMAL! I also had a lot of fun writing this book. Not that I don’t have fun with all my books, but this was different. There was no prodding to go in one direction or the other; I just wrote what I felt like writing. People who are familiar with my work will be surprised because it’s so different than the stuff I’ve been writing for the last few years. With Animal I took it back to my roots and composed a TRUE street novel. I haven’t written a story this hard since like 05. There’s a lot of fluff on the shelves that is labeled “street/urban” fiction, but none of it really speaks to the people. I call Animal the baptism by fire of the genre. Let the lovers of street fiction embrace it and the pretenders fear it. One thing is for sure, nobody will be able to deny it.

Where can fans meet you either in person or via the web? —- You can hit up my site kwanfoye.com for all my contact links. I’m on FB as K’wan Write to Eat and K’wan Iamlegend. You can also follow me on twitter @Kwan141 and on instigram Kwan_iamlegend





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